Crypto is a complex topic.

We encourage anyone with an open mind to keep reading, watching and listening about crypto. The more you learn, the more you will become intrigued by this fascinating breakthrough technology.

Please find below an array of resources suitable for everyone, from the beginner to fellow crypto experts.


Crypto Assets Explained: Understanding the Basics of a New Asset Class

(11 page e-book)
Produced by Apollo Capital, this short e-book provides a gentle introduction to crypto assets. We explain what they are, the forces driving innovation, why there is such a big fuss about them and why they have a bad reputation. Given the disruptive potential of crypto assets, everyone should at least know the basics. This e-book is a great place to start.


How Bitcoin Works in 5 Minutes

(5 min video)
A non-technical introduction to how Bitcoin works


Why Bitcoin Is the Best form of Money

(15 min video)
Often citizens of developed countries take money for granted. As a young boy growing up in Argentina, a country ravaged by hyper-inflation during the 80s and 90s, the life of Wences Casares is eye-opening. Wences takes us through the evolution of money from 100,000 years ago to nowadays and Bitcoin, the most superior form of money the world has seen.


3 Common Myths About Crypto 

(35 min video)
1. Crypto is anonymous and criminal 2. There is no use case for crypto and 3. Crypto is just about currency. If you find yourself agreeing to any of these statements, this video is a must watch. It is an excellent, clear explanation of why these are myths and why there is so much more to crypto.


A Billion Dollar Hedge Fund Manager Investing In Crypto

(46 min audio)
Roy Niederhoffer manages almost a billion dollars of assets in his hedge fund. This podcast is a fascinating insight into why an investor accustomed to investing in traditional assets is also investing in crypto.


Crypto Compared To The Early Days of the Internet

(30 min video)
Naval Ravikant is CEO and co-founder of AngelList. He is a prolific angel investor, including an early investor in Twitter. He foresaw the rise of altcoins long before most. Interestingly, Naval suggests the best way to invest in crypto assets is through a Fund. In this discussion, Naval compares crypto to the early days of the internet, and the evolution of both


From the Internet’s Past to the Future of Crypto

(25 min audio)
Marc Andreessen is a tech pioneer and venture capitalist. After co-authoring the world’s first internet browser and co-founding Netscape Communicator, Marc co-founded Venture Capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. As a venture capitalist, it is Marc’s job to identify and invest in the most promising technologies. And he’s very good it, having invested in Facebook, AirBnb, Coinbase (a crypto exchange), Groupon, Skype, Twitter and many more successful tech companies. This podcast is a fascinating insight into the parallels of the evolution of the internet and the evolution of crypto assets.


Episode 1 of Hash Power

(70 min audio)
This podcast seeks to address a simple question: why is Blockchain so important? The first thirty minutes are an excellent introduction into how Blockchain fits into the bigger picture. The middle of the podcast explains some of the technical aspects of Blockchain, including mining.


Why Bitcoin is Different

(9 min read)
A common question we receive at Apollo Capital is “why can’t someone simply build another Bitcoin?” The answer is they can, just like someone could build another Facebook. But, would anyone use it? This article explains how Bitcoin is different from other crypto assets and ICOs


Fat Protocols Thesis

(5 min read)
First espoused by Union Square Ventures, a leading VC firm based in New York. The thesis states that the initial protocols of the internet produced immense amounts of value, but most of it has been captured on the application layer, with Google, Facebook, Amazon and the like being worth hundreds of billions of dollars. This relationship is reversed as it relates to Blockchain. The majority of the value will be captured in the protocols


Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money

An excellent history of Bitcoin, including stories from some of the first people involved


How to Value Crypto Assets

(20 min video)
A common question we receive at Apollo is “how do you value crypto assets?” Henrik explains how we think about valuing crypto assets in this insightful presentation.


The Quiet Master of Cryptocurrency

(2 hrs 30 min audio)
Nick Szabo is the technical visionary around Bitcoin. He developed Bit Gold in 1998 ( similar to Bitcoin) and coined the term smart contract 25 years ago (now implemented in Ethereum). Naval Ravikant interviews Nick on the Tim Ferriss podcast. Nick and Naval cover a great deal of information, including Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, ICOs and Blockchain


Thoughts on Tokens

(11 min read)
Balaji S. Srinivasan explains the importance and value of tokens (a.k.a. altcoins) – “These new “fat protocols” may eventually create and capture more value than the last generation of Internet companies”


The Bitcoin White Paper

The paper is highly technical at times, but is important to read given it was the genesis of crypto assets

At Apollo Capital we pride ourselves on educating investors and the community about crypto.
Please let us know if you would like more educational resources, we have plenty!