• Actively managed core positions in key verticals with long-term potential

  • Select investments in early stage projects

  • Opportunistic trades in strategies including special situations, event based trades, short positions, and risk arbitrage

  • Flexible and nimble as new opportunities become available, including network participation



Key Terms

Minimum Investment - $50,000

Eligible Investors - Wholesale Clients as defined by the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)

Fund Management Fee - 2%

Performance Fee - 20% (subject to a 'high water-mark')

Recommended Investment Term - minimum of 3 years

Applications - Monthly

Entrance Fees - 0.0%


Our Partners



Apollo Capital uses Coinbase Custody as a third party Custodian of the Fund’s assets. Coinbase is one of the largest and most reputable names in crypto. The company was last valued at US$8bn, was founded in June 2012 and has an impeccable security record. Coinbase Custody now has over 70 customers and over US$1bn in assets under custody. The Fund’s assets stored with Coinbase are insured.


Sources of Alpha

Team - A unique combination of funds management, venture capital and crypto experience

Global Industry Connections - Extensive network of funds, experts and projects to draw upon

Early Stage Access - Access to investment rounds that are often not available to other investors

Active Investors - Support early stage projects with investment, exchange listings and industry connections

Approach - Active management with a long-term perspective