Crypto Assets and Quantum Computing

by Tim Johnston February 24, 2020

In The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography, Simon Singh takes the reader on a journey through the history of encryption. He traces the evolution of cryptography and details its dramatic effects on wars, nations and individual lives. In reading The Code Book, it becomes clear that throughout history, […]

Activist Investing in Crypto

by Henrik Andersson February 18, 2020

Happy Birthday, Gordon Gekko One of our predictions for 2020 is the rise of the DAO. A DAO or Decentralised Autonomous Organisation is a way to organise people in a decentralised system like Ethereum by using tokens to vote. If we want to build decentralised systems, backing them with a DAO instead of a corporate […]

Investment Highlight: Synthetix

by Henrik Andersson November 19, 2019

The Open Financial System also called Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is a major focus for us at Apollo Capital and core to our Investment Thesis. DeFi is about building permissionless access to financial assets and financial contracts to anyone in world. The Synthetix platform is tackling the former. They are building a platform for any kind […]

China and Libra

by Tim Johnston October 29, 2019

A wave of skepticism and scrutiny has followed Libra’s announcement in June this year. Almost everyone has jumped on board the ‘bash Facebook’ train. Last week Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the House Financial Services Committee for a six-hour hearing on Libra. Surprisingly, indirect help for Libra’s project came a few days after the hearing, from […]

Rewriting the Protocol of Society

by Henrik Andersson October 22, 2019

Front page of Australian newspapers October 21, 2019 In Computer Science a protocol is a specification of the rules of a communication system — it’s a foundational standard that we can lean on and build more complex applications on top of. In Western democracies, the fundamental rights, or put another way, the protocol of a society is […]

Investment Highlight: Numerai

by Henrik Andersson October 8, 2019

Numerai is launching the Erasure protocol Numerai started out as a hedge fund that used Blockchain and crypto to crowdsource predictions from data scientists around the world. Erasure is a middleware protocol on top of the Ethereum network. Numerai the hedge fund trades traditional instruments like stocks based on quantitative models. A quant hedge fund […]

A New Framework of Ownership

by Tim Johnston September 17, 2019

Ownership of crypto assets is about control. ‘Owning’ a crypto asset allows the holder of the private keys to control future transactions of those crypto assets. Ownership of crypto assets doesn’t feel the same as ownership of other assets, which usually comes with physical possession and/or legal rights. Let’s look at an Ethereum transaction. I […]

Investment Highlight: Algorand

by Henrik Andersson September 9, 2019

This is the first instalment of a series we call Investment Highlights where we briefly describe some of our current portfolio investments. If we define Bitcoin as a first generation blockchain and Ethereum as second generation, then Algorand could be defined as third generation. Algorand was founded by Silvio Micali, a Turing award winning cryptographer […]

Bitcoin's Ever Increasing Scarcity

by Henrik Andersson September 2, 2019

When Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, its inflation schedule was hard-coded in the software. It can not be issued beyond what the software specifies. According to Satoshi Nakamoto: The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the […]

Crypto is Based on Thin Air

by Tim Johnston August 27, 2019

President Trump recently shared his thoughts on Bitcoin and other crypto assets. We were unsurprised to learn that he is not a crypto enthusiast. The President’s concern that crypto assets are “based on thin air” is not uncommon. Crypto assets are not backed by anything. But the premise that an asset cannot be valuable if […]