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Crypto and blockchain - what does it mean?

Blockchain technology has the very real potential to disrupt key aspects of today’s financial plumbing. Its implications may bleed into our investments, business, and personal life. Learning about it has never been more critical.

Despite this, it remains very difficult to find trustworthy, reliable information about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. 

Apollo Capital prides itself on providing excellent crypto education. We have a great deal of presenting experience, including in front of private client advisers, brokers, webinars, podcasts, conferences and various private events. 

We would be delighted to help you and your colleagues/friends/audience understand more about this revolutionary technology. Specifically we can:

  • Present at large events

  • Host formal seminars and round-tables aimed at an executive audience

  • Full day workshops, aimed at either the business, economic, or technical side of this technology.

Please note, our presentations are focused crypto and blockchain, not the Fund. Some events are billed, while others are done on a pro bono basis.

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