A Small Allocation

by Tim Johnston March 16, 2021

Please note this article is not personal financial advice. Apollo Capital are not privy to your personal financial circumstance therefore this article is general in its nature. The simulated portfolio weightings included in this article are for illustration purposes and should not be used as a guide for structuring your portfolio. Please do your own […]

Allocating to Today's Crypto Markets

by Tim Johnston March 9, 2021

We are receiving record inflows at Apollo Capital. A common question from new investors is the sustainability of recent returns. As bullish as we are on crypto, we think it is fair to suggest these returns cannot go on unabated forever. Periods of performance like this are not uncommon in crypto markets. But for new […]

Crypto Correlations Post Coronavirus Panic

by Tim Johnston October 29, 2020

Apollo Capital has consistently reported that crypto assets do not correlate with traditional assets. Crypto assets are largely driven by a different investor base and are fundamentally unique. We believe that there is a strong argument for a small allocation to crypto assets within a broader portfolio, in part due to their lack of correlation […]

Attribution Analysis & Yield Farming

by Tim Johnston October 6, 2020

Investing in crypto assets is a fast paced job. Crypto markets move quickly and we are always on the lookout for new investment opportunities. With a wide array of investments, it is important to periodically pause and analyse how these investments have performed. Notably, it is important to analyse this at various levels, total fund […]

A Review of Australian Crypto Laws

by Tim Johnston September 8, 2020

Australia is yet to regulate digital currencies other than for money laundering and counter-terrorism purposes. Other than operating digital currency exchanges, Australia does not have specific laws or a specific framework that regulates crypto assets. Australia is relying on applying old laws to fit around crypto assets, rather than developing new laws specifically tailored to […]

Investing in Crypto Assets: Apollo Capital vs DIY

by Tim Johnston July 9, 2020

Investors can invest in crypto assets in a number of ways. Historically, the only option has been a DIY approach. More recently, as institutions enter the market, structured investment options have appeared, including Apollo Capital. We have analysed the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. While we won’t pretend our conclusion is not biased, we […]

Decentralised Finance

by Tim Johnston June 2, 2020

A great deal of traditional finance includes standardised contracts administered by a middleman. In the early days, these contracts were paper-based and not standardised. A middleman was required to administer these contracts. Today, with the advances in computer technology, a number of the middleman’s functions are automated. Yet, large parts of existing financial infrastructure remains […]

Central Bank Digital Currencies

by Tim Johnston April 7, 2020

What are Central Bank Digital Currencies? Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are digital fiat currencies issued directly by central banks. The crucial distinction between digital fiat currencies and the digital currency in our bank accounts appears to be how they are issued. In the former, only commercial banks and certain financial institutions can hold electronic […]

Crypto Correlations & Coronavirus

by Tim Johnston March 24, 2020

Crypto assets are unlike any other asset class. They are unique, independent and are largely driven by a different investor-base. In theory, crypto assets should not correlate with other assets like equities and bonds. The data backs up this theory, most of the time. Crypto assets have not been tested in a broad-based market sell […]

Crypto Assets and Quantum Computing

by Tim Johnston February 24, 2020

In The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography, Simon Singh takes the reader on a journey through the history of encryption. He traces the evolution of cryptography and details its dramatic effects on wars, nations and individual lives. In reading The Code Book, it becomes clear that throughout history, […]