A Small Allocation

by Tim Johnston March 16, 2021

Please note this article is not personal financial advice. Apollo Capital are not privy to your personal financial circumstance therefore this article is general in its nature. The simulated portfolio weightings included in this article are for illustration purposes and should not be used as a guide for structuring your portfolio. Please do your own […]

Allocating to Today's Crypto Markets

by Tim Johnston March 9, 2021

We are receiving record inflows at Apollo Capital. A common question from new investors is the sustainability of recent returns. As bullish as we are on crypto, we think it is fair to suggest these returns cannot go on unabated forever. Periods of performance like this are not uncommon in crypto markets. But for new […]

Attribution Analysis & Yield Farming

by Tim Johnston October 6, 2020

Investing in crypto assets is a fast paced job. Crypto markets move quickly and we are always on the lookout for new investment opportunities. With a wide array of investments, it is important to periodically pause and analyse how these investments have performed. Notably, it is important to analyse this at various levels, total fund […]

Investing in Crypto Assets: Apollo Capital vs DIY

by Tim Johnston July 9, 2020

Investors can invest in crypto assets in a number of ways. Historically, the only option has been a DIY approach. More recently, as institutions enter the market, structured investment options have appeared, including Apollo Capital. We have analysed the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. While we won’t pretend our conclusion is not biased, we […]

Activist Investing in Crypto

by Henrik Andersson February 18, 2020

Happy Birthday, Gordon Gekko One of our predictions for 2020 is the rise of the DAO. A DAO or Decentralised Autonomous Organisation is a way to organise people in a decentralised system like Ethereum by using tokens to vote. If we want to build decentralised systems, backing them with a DAO instead of a corporate […]

Investment Thesis Refresh

by Henrik Andersson June 4, 2019

In a fast moving field like crypto assets we believe in the merit of having an investment thesis that is not set in stone but is updated as the market evolves. Crypto assets are based on a breakthrough technology. Far from all applications have been explored yet and some known applications have unknown market potential. […]

Volatility, Opportunity & Position Sizing

by Tim Johnston January 18, 2019

Our edge at Apollo Capital is our experience in both traditional financial markets and crypto markets. On a daily basis, Henrik and I draw upon our experience from traditional markets to construct a portfolio of crypto assets. Combined with our knowledge of crypto assets, we are the best in the country, if not further afield, […]

Unprecedented Value Capture in Web 3.0

by Henrik Andersson September 18, 2018

We are moving to what we believe is a new era of decentralisation. The next web, Web 3.0 will be an open web where anyone is free to innovate without having to be restricted to the walled gardens of the current web, Web 2.0. This is how we like to illustrate the coming transition: Web […]

Where We Invest

by Henrik Andersson August 28, 2018

As crypto investors we believe it is of utter importance which ‘sectors’ we invest in. This is the first decision we need to make before getting into the individual coins or tokens. We have written in the past that value creation is happening in native crypto assets along ‘moneyness’ and ‘governance’. There is also an argument that […]

Should you add crypto to your investment portfolio?

by Tim Johnston August 3, 2018

Investing in crypto assets before 2017 was a very niche activity, largely limited to technologists, libertarians, and some speculative investors. This is changing, and fast. Goldman Sachs, perhaps the most storied name in finance, has confirmed their intention to trade bitcoin. And just last week Larry Fink, the CEO of the largest asset manager in the […]