The Era Of The DAO

by Matthew Harcourt July 20, 2021

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations An exciting phenomenon in the crypto world that is currently accelerating is the transition from a central hierarchical structured entity (Web2.0) to a decentralised and flat structured entity (Web3.0). This business structure created as a result is called a Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (DAO). Although DAOs are yet to fully mature (as are […]

Forking Explained

by Henrik Andersson July 13, 2021

Introduction to Forks Similarly to most successful software products, crypto assets require iterations to the code to: Fix issues and bugs in code Add new functionality Increase performance In software, we see this done via downloadable software updates. In the open-source world of crypto, this is done via a process called ‘Forking’. As ‘Layer One’ […]

The Race for Decentralisation

by Henrik Andersson March 10, 2020

There is currently a race for decentralisation going on in the crypto industry. The reasons are multifold, but at the core is the key value proposition of blockchains: the ability for them to be trustless, permissionless and censorship resistant ultimately hinges on decentralisation. More specifically, let’s look at decentralisation for two pressing reasons: security and […]

The Block - Ethics & Crypto

by Henrik Andersson May 31, 2018

With blockchain and crypto, we are entering a new age of capitalism. But is it a force for good? Chief Investment Officer Henrik Andersson shares his thoughts. Watch here:

The Block - 51% Attacks on smaller networks

by Henrik Andersson May 28, 2018

51% attack refers to an attack on a blockchain by a group of miners controlling more than 50% of the network’s mining hashrate, or computing power. The attackers would be able to prevent new transactions from gaining confirmations, allowing them to halt payments between some or all users. They would also be able to reverse […]

The Block - EOS

by Henrik Andersson May 25, 2018

EOS moves from the ethereum blockchain to its own mainnet is just a couple of days away. Apollo Capital’s Cheif Investment Officer Henrik Andersson shares his thoughts on this much-anticipated event. Watch here: