Apollo Capital Webinar - June Update

with Henrik Andersson, CIO and Tim Johnston, Managing Director, Apollo Capital

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Please join Chief Investment Officer Henrik Andersson and Managing Director Tim Johnston as they present our monthly update.

As well as Henrik providing an update on the Fund's performance and news from crypto markets, Tim will provide a summary of the research he has recently completed on crypto returns. Tim has analysed 57 months of crypto returns and will provide the answer to:

  • the average monthly return
  • the average return in up months
  • the average return in down months
  • the largest up month
  • the largest down month
  • the number of up and down months, and more

It is fascinating research and provides crypto investors with an idea of the return variance they might expect.

Please email james@apollocap.io if you would like to submit any questions in advance.  We also welcome questions during the webinar.

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