July 1, 2019: CIO Henrik Andersson featured in D’Marge

Bitcoin is up almost 300 percent, but it’s not all good news. . . [Read more]

June 18, 2019: CIO Henrik Andersson featured in Stockhead

Will Facebook’s Libra finally bring cryptocurrencies in the light?. . . [Read more]

May 17, 2019: CIO Henrik Andersson featured in Nest Egg

Cryptocurrencies bounces back with 30% per cent gains. . . [Read more]

May 14, 2019: CIO Henrik Andersson featured in Stockhead

As Bitcoin marches back upwards, are digital assets ready to realise their promise? . . [Read more]

February 1, 2019: CIO Henrik Andersson featured in The Sydney Morning Herald

Regulators have ‘missed the boat’ on ICO rules, expoerts warn. . . [Read more]

December 27, 2018: CIO Henrik Andersson featured in The Australian Financial Review

Bitcoin in 2019: the currency's second act hinges on institutional investors. . . [Read more]

December 19, 2018: CIO Henrik Andersson featured in Stockhead

These crypto experts say this is how Bitcoin can recover in 2019. . . [Read more]

November 23, 2018: CIO Henrik Andersson featured in Stockhead

Security tokens might be the cryptocurrency to actually threaten stock exchanges. . . [Read more]

October 18, 2018: CIO Henrik Andersson featured in Stockhead

Wall Street is on the Bitcoin train and the hype cycle might be about to restart. . . [Read more]

August 8, 2018: CIO Henrik Andersson featured in Stockhead

Why a new crypto platform from the New York Stock Exchange owner is huge news. . . [Read more]

July 27, 2018: Apollo Capital featured in Switzer 'The Experts'

Here we try to understand how these assets perform when placed within a diversified portfolio of traditional assets, and not just as an independent, emerging asset-class. . . [Read more]

May 29, 2018: CIO Henrik Andersson featured in Stockhead

‘Tokenisation’ of currency is just the start; next comes real estate, commodities and more. . . [Read more]

May 14, 2018: Apollo Capital at Consensus 2018

Our analyst James Simpson was at Consensus this year representing Apollo Capital. Watch him interviewed here [Watch here]

April 18, 2018: April Webinar update

Chief Investment Officer Henrik Andersson presents an update on the Apollo Capital Fund . . . [Watch here]

April 18, 2018: First quarterly review by Henrik Andersson

The first quarter of 2018 has been challenging for crypto- markets. Overall, the listed crypto market is down around 50% in value in February and March alone (we launched the fund on February 1). On the ICO front . . . [Read more]

March 29, 2018: Apollo's Henrik Andersson interviewed by Alan Kohler on Qantas Talking Business

Qantas Talking Business is a radio program, hosted by Alan Kohler. Each month business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators are interviewed about their expertise, business, and careers. [Listen here]

March 19, 2018: February results & letter to investors

Dear Investors, amazingly almost a month has passed since our last newsletter. Much has happened at Apollo Capital since then, and we hope this newsletter sheds some light on our progress . . . [Read more]

February 26, 2018: CIO Henrik Andersson featured in Stockhead

Regulation is the biggest issue to hit the cryptocurrency markets, says Henrik Andersson, chief investment officer of new crypto fund, Apollo Capital . . . [Read more]

February 20, 2018: A message from our CIO

It is with great pleasure that I write to our community after our first month of operation. We were fortunate to have taken advantage of pricing in early February . . .[Read more]

February 19, 2018: Regulation steps up

February has seen material developments in cryptocurrency regulation.  Most regulatory questions are currently concerned with the classification of cryptocurrencies . . .

January 29, 2018: CIO Henrik Andersson featured in Stockhead

Up to 5 per cent of US investors have bought a cryptocurrency — and institutional is finding its way into Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), says Henrik Andersson . . . [Read more]

January 18, 2018: Media release - Apollo Capital Fund opens investor applications for Australia’s Premier Crypto Fund

Australia’s premier crypto-fund, Apollo Capital, has today announced it is now accepting official investment applications. . . [Read More] 

December 11, 2017: CIO Henrik Andersson in The Australian

The nascent crypto-space is hard to ignore, thanks to the skyrocketing price of digital currencies like Bitcoin creating overnight billionaires . . . [Read more]

November 28, 2017: Apollo Capital in The Australian Financial Review

Start-ups with designs on making it big in the fast-growing world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies will be targeted . . . [Read more]

November 28, 2017: Apollo Capital to Launch Australia’s First Cryptocurrency Fund

Apollo Capital has today announced it will be launching Australia’s first crypto fund. Apollo Capital will be the first fund to specialise in crypto-asset investments . . . [Read More]