Scaling Ethereum

by Marc Woodward May 18, 2021

High gas fees have had a severe impact on the retail adoption of the Ethereum blockchain and Ethereum based DeFi. The excessive cost to transact often causes retail investors to overlook the fundamentals of Ethereum in search of a quicker, cheaper and ‘easier’ option. While this has caused frustration for believers in Ethereum, you can’t […]

DeFi Assets: Equity For The Decentralised World

by Matthew Harcourt April 13, 2021

In the early days of crypto assets it was extremely hard to find genuine economic value being created outside of Bitcoin. Many of the earliest crypto assets were either meme’s (DOGE) or variations of Bitcoin (Litecoin) with different experimental use cases. The launch of Ethereum in 2015 has enabled crypto assets to have greater utility […]

A Small Allocation

by Tim Johnston March 16, 2021

Please note this article is not personal financial advice. Apollo Capital are not privy to your personal financial circumstance therefore this article is general in its nature. The simulated portfolio weightings included in this article are for illustration purposes and should not be used as a guide for structuring your portfolio. Please do your own […]

Allocating to Today's Crypto Markets

by Tim Johnston March 9, 2021

We are receiving record inflows at Apollo Capital. A common question from new investors is the sustainability of recent returns. As bullish as we are on crypto, we think it is fair to suggest these returns cannot go on unabated forever. Periods of performance like this are not uncommon in crypto markets. But for new […]

Three Pillars of Blockchain Value

by Matthew Harcourt March 2, 2021

We are 12 years into the crypto revolution that was kicked off by Bitcoin in 2009. It is clear that the technology driving this revolution has found market fit in mainly three different categories; as a censorship resistant store-of-value, in Non-Fungible Tokens and in Decentralised Finance. The main value proposition for ‘store-of-value’ and non- fungible […]

Investment Highlight: Yearn Finance

by Matthew Harcourt December 1, 2020

Nothing quite sums up the open, permissionless and fast paced nature of DeFi like Yearn Finance. In February 2020, Andre Cronje created Yearn Finance to automate the yield farming strategy that he was performing manually on behalf of his family and close friends. This trading strategy was simply moving his USD stablecoins between the various […]

Crypto Correlations Post Coronavirus Panic

by Tim Johnston October 29, 2020

Apollo Capital has consistently reported that crypto assets do not correlate with traditional assets. Crypto assets are largely driven by a different investor base and are fundamentally unique. We believe that there is a strong argument for a small allocation to crypto assets within a broader portfolio, in part due to their lack of correlation […]

Attribution Analysis & Yield Farming

by Tim Johnston October 6, 2020

Investing in crypto assets is a fast paced job. Crypto markets move quickly and we are always on the lookout for new investment opportunities. With a wide array of investments, it is important to periodically pause and analyse how these investments have performed. Notably, it is important to analyse this at various levels, total fund […]

DeFi vs. Fintech

by Henrik Andersson September 15, 2020

Fintech is using technology to improve financial services. We have seen the rise of challenger banks like Revolut, payment processing companies like Square and Stripe, post purchase payment companies like AfterPay and Klarna, Robo-advisors and the list goes on. In this article we contrast Fintech with DeFi, or Decentralised Finance. DeFi is financial infrastructure built […]

A Review of Australian Crypto Laws

by Tim Johnston September 8, 2020

Australia is yet to regulate digital currencies other than for money laundering and counter-terrorism purposes. Other than operating digital currency exchanges, Australia does not have specific laws or a specific framework that regulates crypto assets. Australia is relying on applying old laws to fit around crypto assets, rather than developing new laws specifically tailored to […]