Software is Eating Software

by Henrik Andersson March 26, 2019

In 2011 Venture Capitalist Marc Andreessen wrote an article in the WSJ titled ‘Why Software is Eating the World’. The gist of that article was that more and more major industries and businesses were being run on software. Thus it would makes sense to invest in this new infrastructure despite the market creating a dot […]

Unprecedented Value Capture in Web 3.0

by Henrik Andersson September 18, 2018

We are moving to what we believe is a new era of decentralisation. The next web, Web 3.0 will be an open web where anyone is free to innovate without having to be restricted to the walled gardens of the current web, Web 2.0. This is how we like to illustrate the coming transition: Web […]

Your ICO Doesn’t Need a Token

by Henrik Andersson August 20, 2018

We believe crypto assets have a specific function to play in providing the incentives to run a decentralised protocol. They are the fuel for running open, permissionless blockchains. The ICO hype created an environment where raising money became too easy. The result was that too many projects are trying to fit a token into a […]

Rebuilding the Financial System From the Ground Up

by Henrik Andersson August 14, 2018

Image: ICE, the owner is NYSE just announced a crypto platform bringing crypto to Wall Street. Smart contracts will bring Wall Street to crypto. Applications for Crypto and Blockchain technology can be divided into use cases that on one hand provide incremental improvements to existing processes and on the other hand offer completely new and […]

The Future Tokenisation of Everything — Part 2

by Henrik Andersson June 25, 2018

In the first part of this series,  I wrote about how a diversified portfolio may look like in world of tokenisation. I envisioned a world where investors’ portfolios will contain crypto assets in the form of digital gold (i.e. Bitcoin), stable coins and a series of traditional assets (both private and public) that will be […]

The Future Tokenisation of Everything — Part 1

by Henrik Andersson May 18, 2018

Tokenisation has the potential to dramatically change the nature of all asset classes. The first generation of crypto assets created new, digital assets like bitcoin and ether that only exists on their respective blockchains. Code governs these assets and ownership can be secured through public-key cryptography. The open-source code base is the governing law for […]

7 Reasons You Should Definitely Not Invest In Crypto - From a Guy Who Co-Founded A Crypto Fund

by Tim Johnston February 6, 2018

I have spoken to over a thousand investors since launching  in November 2017. Despite meeting a number of savvy investors, many of whom have invested in the Fund, the overwhelming response to crypto has been one of caution and scepticism. By now, I’ve heard just about every response to why you should not invest in […]