Asset Class Review

by Michael Armitage August 25, 2020

This article is co-authored by Tim Johnston, Managing Director of Apollo Capital and Michael Armitage, Principal of Fundlab Markets are fascinating. The current macroeconomic backdrop is especially interesting. Not only are we in the middle of a decades-long global money printing experiment, we are in the middle of a severe global pandemic that threatens the […]

Crypto Convexity

by Henrik Andersson May 28, 2019

Convexity is an interesting concept that explains why investors should pay attention to crypto as an asset class. I believe there are actually two ways that crypto has convexity. The first one is more technical and the second one more broadly related to individual crypto assets and portfolio allocation: Crypto has deeply rooted technical convexity  […]

Value Creation in Crypto Assets

by Henrik Andersson July 6, 2018

There two big, emerging areas of value creation in the crypto space. These are centred around what we call ‘Money-ness’and ‘Governance’. Money-ness We added the suffix ‘- ness’ after money to emphasise the breadth of this category. Money-ness encompass everything from a global store of value to a currency specific to a crypto-economy or use-case. The categorisation […]

The Block - Ethics & Crypto

by Henrik Andersson May 31, 2018

With blockchain and crypto, we are entering a new age of capitalism. But is it a force for good? Chief Investment Officer Henrik Andersson shares his thoughts. Watch here: