China and Libra

by Tim Johnston October 29, 2019

A wave of skepticism and scrutiny has followed Libra’s announcement in June this year. Almost everyone has jumped on board the ‘bash Facebook’ train. Last week Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the House Financial Services Committee for a six-hour hearing on Libra. Surprisingly, indirect help for Libra’s project came a few days after the hearing, from […]

Our Thoughts on Libra

by Tim Johnston June 25, 2019

Last week we saw the biggest announcement in crypto since the Bitcoin Whitepaper. We are clearly not trying to downplay the enormity of this announcement – it is huge. A consortium of companies, led by Facebook, introduced the world to Libra – a cryptocurrency backed by a reserve of fiat currencies and government bonds. As […]

Stablecoins: A Core Primitive, Underdeveloped

by Henrik Andersson October 30, 2018

Stablecoins are an incredibly exciting area of crypto. We are seeing a lot of innovation happening in this area. Stablecoins are crypto assets pegged to the price of another (stable) asset like US Dollar (USD) or Gold. Stablecoins are a primitive, a critical building block for mass crypto adoption. Recently, we have seen Circle and Coinbase, Paxos, […]