February @ Apollo

It is with great pleasure that I write to our community after our first month of operation. 

We were fortunate to have taken advantage of pricing in early February, as Apollo invested at what we think are attractive prices. In early February there was a 50 percent drop from the market's all-time high above $830 billion in early January.

There are numerous factors that led to downward pressure on assets prices. There is speculation that China could further restrict domestic buyers from the overseas market; some credit-card issuers limited access to clients buying cryptocurrencies; and there exists some degree of investor fatigue following the December/January bull market. Even accounting for this localised low, the market is up more than 1,800 per cent since February 2017. More recently we are witnessing a recovery. Bitcoin is now pushing US$11,000, a 23% increase from last Monday‚Äôs price of US$8,354 while Ethereum increased in value by 12% in the last seven days. 

This month we invested in two ICOs during the private pre-sale round. They are related to energy and social media respectively. We're confident in these projects as they both have a strong use-case, competent teams, a working product, and sufficiently short timelines to listing. By securing allocation in the private pre-sale, we were able to invest at a discount to the prices at the public crowd sale. 

This week I will be in Sydney with our investment analyst Tim Johnston and advisor Holger Arians. I'm speaking at Emergence 2018 by Wholesale Investor. I'll be discussing our investment thesis, cryptocurrency and blockchain independently and on a panel. 

We also welcome two new people to the Apollo team - James Simpson and Kevin O'Hara. James will help with our research efforts, particularly as it relates to ICOs. Kevin is the group CIO and Investment portfolio manager of the Tulla Private Equity Group in Sydney and has joined as an advisor to Apollo Capital.

I believe we have a strong foundation in place to deliver on our objective: to deliver exceptional returns for investors through an actively managed portfolio of crypto assets. We are more excited than ever about the future of crypto and Apollo Capital.


Henrik Andersson, CFA
Chief Investment Officer, Apollo Capital
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A friendly reminder that this is the last week to invest for the March intake. Please let us know if you have any questions about the application process.